Tile and Slab Granite Countertops

Think the cost of a granite kitchen countertop is beyond your budget? Guess again! Carefully set tile with tight grout joints and grout of similar color create the feel and look of a solid surface. Granite tile countertops are also more affordable at about half the cost of slab installation.

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St. Louis Countertops
12X12 Granite Tile Countertop
with Custom Edging
St. Louis Countertops
Custom Cut Angled Countertop
Granite Kitchen Countertop
Black Granite Tile with
Matching Black Glazed Sink
Granite Kitchen Countertop
Galaxy Black Granite
Countertop with Backsplash

In a competitive real estate market, attracting prospective buyers to at least one central room of the property is essential. Real estate agents agree that spending about 2-4% of the asking price in improvements is a wise investment to ensure a quicker sale. Simple changes like adding a tile countertop can help your property stand out among almost endless buyer alternatives.